This video is used to update and engage the team, collecting the most note-worthy events of the week, and give it a playful and inclusive look and feel.

This is the finished video:

Here is how we made it:

  1. We have collected a range of images and clips which represent our brand color palette in our library - making it quick and easy to choose a suitable and eye-catching intro.

  2. With the intro image in place, we added more blocks filling in the text content that we planned to include in the video.

  3. Next, we then went back to each block and added the visuals and styling to help colour in and strengthen the messages.

  4. We then always go over each block with a video clip on, and trim the clip to keep the essential part only.

    💡 Trimming clips helps to make the video as engaging as possible, and also keeps us aware of length. Shorter is better for the audience 🤓 The navy blue time marker (under the main window) lets you pull in and select the wanted section.

  5. The finished project had 7 blocks in total.

  6. The last thing we did was to add music, and then hit Finish 🚀

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