The plan with this video was to make a happy and personal message to a new team member, to be sent out the week before starting the new role.

We wanted it to include a welcome with a note on being the new kid, introductions to some key team members, as well as information answering how to get set up. With our personal and colorful tone-of-voice, the visual feeling in this video represents a style comfortable for us.

Here is the finished video:

How it was made:

  1. First step is to create an engaging intro. We picked a background clip with vibrant colours, and then added in the intro text, making sure it stood out by adding a text background box.

  2. Then we added more blocks into the story, combining some calmer backgrounds with more visual clips with text messages on top.

    💡 A good tip to creating a more comfortable viewing experience is to not fill every block with busy visuals, and instead give a breather with some plainer backgrounds in between. These can also be used to repeat key parts of the content.

  3. Once our main storyline was written in, we then considered the ideal placement and size of the text for each visuals. We varied the placements to allow for best viewing of the details in the imagery, as well as to avoid a too monotonous feel.

  4. Once texts and visuals were in the order we wanted, we went through and trimmed the video clips using the time marker feature.

    💡 Trimming clips and keeping the essential parts only helps to make the video as engaging as possible, and also keeps us aware of length. Shorter is better for the audience 🤓 The navy blue time marker (under the main window) lets you pull in and select the wanted section.

  5. The finished video project consisted of 11 blocks, with a combination of visuals, backgrounds and text messages (packaged in our branding), and with a finished video length of 42 seconds.

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