One of the biggest challenges when creating a video can be to figure out how to write content that is optimized for video. We often want to give as much information as we can when communicating, but with video less is more when it comes to text, making sure your video stays engaging.

Write out your key message:

Start by just writing out the message you want to convey. If there are more than three core threads, consider splitting the video up in multiple video chapters. Ideally, a video has one core message along with a few supporting messages.

Also, having up to three short key takeaways is also fine - if they maintain focus, working together on reminding the viewer of the most important sections to remember.

When your message is written out, it is easier to see which sections can be trimmed, or what parts can become a separate video. Shorter and to the point videos are more engaging, enabling people to remember the message better, so don't be afraid of splitting the videos up to a little series instead of just one long one.

Get off to a good start:

The first 3-5 seconds of the video is where you catch the attention of your viewer, so you want to make sure to create a snappy start that will intrigue the viewer enough to keep watching. A good hook gives the viewer an idea of what to expect to learn or experience in the video, such as a short clear statement, question, or quote.

You also have to keep in mind that most of your viewers will not watch the entire video, so it is important to get your core message across as soon as possible. You can then spend the rest of the video reinforcing this core message to make sure it's remembered by the audience.

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Lead the way:

Don't leave your viewers hanging after the video, make sure you know what action you want them to take after they have watched it. Be sure to give a clear call to action at the end of the video - so that you can easily lead them to take action, whether that is visiting your website for more information, signing up for something (like the example below), or another valuable action.

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