Filming can seem more complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn't necessary have to be, here are a few tips to how to master filming with your phone. Before we get started, we always recommend go to your settings to check if you can film in 4K on your camera. 


When filming with your phone, sound is often the most problematic aspect, so make sure you are standing close enough to the interview subject for the audio to be as loud and clear as possible. Important note is that we often have a tendency to cover the microphone when holding the phone to record, so make sure your finger is not covering the microphone (which is on the bottom of the phone). Make sure you are in a room/area with little background noise, so no people walking/talking in the background, no loud sounds in the background (also listen to hear that there are no loud fan or air conditioner sounds).


It is important to consider light when filming an interview, the better base the better the video will look. Natural light is the best light, so if there is a place with windows that let in natural light, consider doing the interview here. If the light from the ceiling flickers or creates a lot of shadows on the face of the interview subject, then consider turning them off and relying solely on natural light if there is enough.  


You want to film the person from the waist up, and make sure you have a little air space over the top of the interview subjects head. Make sure you are holding the phone vertical when you film. 

Lastly, remember to film the script as many times you feel needed. Start the video a few seconds before the person starts talking, and let it film a few seconds after. Also, try to hold the phone as steady as possible. If it is easier you can always hold it on top of something stable. 

Hopefully this gave you some tips on how to master filming for your next interview📸

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