As we often emphasize, you do not need video clips to create an engaging and effective video! The video below was created based on photos and was created with the intention to post on social media. In this post we will go through how we created this step-by-step!

Step one:

We always start creating a new project by selecting the project settings - this means adding a title and selecting the format of the video. If you are on a PRO account, this is also where you select which brand setup you want to use.  

Step two:

Now it is time to write in your messages. This is the messages that will be displayed on top of the photos. Remember you always have to put in an intro and outro. I also added an empty box because I want a part of the video to just have photos (which I will add in step three) and no text.

Step three:

In step three we are adding the visual content to the video. For this video we used stock photos from the integration with Unsplash. All you have to do if you are in need of photos is to select the “stock” icon button when selecting visual content and search for what you need photos of.

I uploaded photos to all messages, except from two places where I wanted a simple textbox, here I just selected a text and background color from the palette.

After finishing up adding all my visuals, step three looked like this:

I finished up step three by adding the music I wanted by selecting a song from the VIBBIO free music selection.

Step four:

This is by far the easiest part, just look over the details of your video and click the “submit your video” button 

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