Below is a classic example of a video that combines an interview and simple textboxes to create an interview style video. In this article we will go through how we made this step-by-step.

Before you start creating your video in VIBBIO make sure you have filmed the interview and have either uploaded it to your VIBBIO library or have it locally on your computer. 

Step One:

Alright, so we start by selecting the project settings aka the format of the video.

Step two:

So after selecting your length and format we move on to step two, which is selecting the messages. In this video the messages is the text that comes up between the videoclips, not the subtitles that come up during the interview, that we put in step three. 

What you can see is that between every message box with writing I have added a blank message box, this is because in step three I will add the interview part to the boxes without a message. You can always go back to step two and adjust if you notice you need more message boxes (remember if you write a message in the same box as you want the interview, the text will lay above the interview clip).

Step three:

We are almost done, now we just have to add the interview part, and the visuals for the text. For my messages I just want a blank color as my background, so here I just put in my red background from the palette.

After this I uploaded the interview clips I wanted to add to the video. After uploading the video files I clicked the “clip settings” button on the file.

I then selected what part of the video clip I wanted to add to the video, and wrote in the subtitles which I wanted included in the final video. If I wanted to add a name tag to the video, this is also where I would have done that.

All you have to do is repeat the process for the rest of your visuals and I also selected a different photo for outro.

Then you just add background music, I selected a song from VIBBIO’s free selection (remember, if you don’t select a song there will be no music added to the film). 

Step four:

You made it! All we have to do now is look over the details and SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO🎉

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