Often it is easy to think that to make a good video, you have to have actual video clips or photos, however it is fully possible to create engaging video with only text and some color!

This article will go over step by step how we created the video below, which is only based on text and your brand profile.

Step 1:
First step is to set the project settings, this is where you select the format of your video, remember that you can order the video in multiple formats if you want to optimize it for different channels. 

For this video we wanted it for Facebook and Instagram so we chose the square 1:1 format.

Step 2:
The second step to creating this video is writing the messages that will be the text that is displayed in the video. 

To get the effect of the same text but in different colors you first have to write in the text twice, I wrote the text “flash sale” in initial hook and then again in message 1 (You will select the visual background in step 3).

Then you write in the rest of your text, you can always add more messages if you want a longer video. When you have all the messages ready you can move on to step 3.

Step 3:
Now in step 3 it is time to set the assets, also known as the visuals. This should be pretty easy if you have set up your Color Palette in the Brand Profile, if not, go do that now

My to main colors are red and white, so I wanted to switch between them. So I choose the color option, and added a text and background color to each message. 

After choosing a color for each message, it looked like this:

After selecting all the visuals I chose the music I wanted. I wanted something upbeat, so I selected a song from the “happy” folder from the free music. Make sure you select music, because if you do not there will be no music on the video. 

Step 4:
Congrats, you made it to the final step! All you have to do now is to look over the project review and details then click submit your video.

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