If you want to use text animations or clip transitions you can easily select these in your Brand Profile, under Animation. If you have not chosen a style yet, the default settings will be "fade" text animation and "fade" clip transition.

You can now also set/adjust text animations on each Block, from the "sparkle icon" in the Asset menu:

Text animation is how your messages will flow in and out of your video. If you hover your mouse over the different options you will get preview over how the animation will look in a video. 

💡 The animation does not apply to subtitles, only to the text that is written in the main message boxes.

💡 Text animations can later be turned on/off on individual messages in the project tool.

Clip transition is how one video clip or photo will transition to the next. When you choose the transition you can hover over the different options and they will give you a preview of how the transition looks.

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