The length of your videos should vary depending on what social media platform you're posting it to. While you on Youtube can get away with having a 30-minute video, Instagram-users may not be that forgiving.

Here’s some suggestions on how long your videos should be when posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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Recommended video lengths for the different platforms


Facebook has over 2 billion active users, which makes it by far the most popular social media platform. This can make it easier for your company to reach different target audiences.

Even though Facebook videos can be up to 45 minutes long, you should keep it much shorter. Buzzsumo has analyzed 100 million Facebook videos and found that shorter videos generate more interaction and that the ideal length of a Facebook video is 60-90 seconds.

Additionally, according to Locowise, the average viewing time for Facebook videos is only 10 seconds or 4% of the full video length. That primarily means two things: You should create videos that are not much more than 1 minute long, and you should try to engage your audience immediately. 


Instagram videos that you post in the regular feed can be up to 1 minute long. But that doesn’t mean that they should be. Hubspot has found that the Instagram videos that received the most comments was on average 26 seconds long

Because it started out as a photo-sharing app, the nature of the platform is to scroll until you find something appealing to look at. That’s why it’s crucial when making videos for Instagram that you convey your message in a short and concise way, and catch the attention of the viewer before they scroll past you. Because let’s face it, people scroll fast!

When talking about Instagram, we also need to address the ever-growing Instagram Stories that is being used by 500 million people every day. When it comes to videos for Stories, you need to be much more time-efficient: the maximum length for one Stories-video is 15 seconds  – but you can always add several videos in a chain and make it longer.


For Twitter, your videos can have a maximum length of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. But just as Instagram users are used to scrolling fast through image feed, Twitter-users are used to short textual updates. Therefore, even though you are able to post videos that are over 2 minutes long, you should probably stick to videos that are 30-45 seconds.

According to Sprout Social, more than 80% of users will watch a full video if it’s 30 seconds or less.

You can, of course, create videos longer than 30 seconds, but always try to provide valuable content for your audience throughout the whole video. 


Videos posted natively on LinkedIn can be everything from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. When it comes to sponsored video ads, they can be as much as 30 minutes long!

However, according to LinkedIn, the best performing video ads are typically under 15 seconds. But LinkedIn also says that the ideal length of a video can vary depending on what you're trying to achieve.

For videos with a goal to increase brand awareness and brand consideration, LinkedIn recommends that you keep your videos under 30 seconds.

For demand generation, you can test longer videos. In one of their studies, LinkedIn found that longer-form content drove as many clicks and views as shorter videos when the longer videos could tell a more complex product or brand story. 

In a more general note, Hootsuite reports that LinkedIn videos that meet upper-funnel marketing goals should be between 30-90 seconds long.

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